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Join Keerapa Active In Our Strides To Uplift Ghana'sSports Infrastructure

  • It's clear that there's a lot of work to be done in sports infrastructure development in Ghana, however, any institution that comes up with an objective of Improving sports Infrastructure within the forewalls of Ghana, for me always gets my vote.
    Karl Tufuor
    Sports Journalist
  • Anybody who has Ghana at heart and wants to do the right thing should be encouraged and I'm totally totally 100% behind initiatives and particularly some like Keerapa Active, to make sure that the Sports Infrastructure deficit in Ghana is breached.
    Gary Al-Smith
    Sports Journalist
  • I've been playing on bare field grounds for about 30 years but the pitch is too hard, too rough for us but we do manage to play. I once got badly injured and was home for 2 years whilst recovering. Years ago, I went for trials abroad and I failed because I wasn't accustomed to the their pitch as I normally play on hard bare fields in Ghana. So for the future of our kids, nephews and nieces, I support Keerapa Active's plans to change the face of Ghana football.
    David Ghansah
    Amateur Footballer

Keerapa Active has this and many more in the pipeline.
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