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Keerapa Active is an all-encompassing and inclusive movement for sport and recreation in Accra. We aim to provide affordable quality diversified parks, sports and recreational facilities. Keerapa Active is also poised to be a lifestyle destination for all and offers individuals, families, groups and communities ample opportunities to experience and share the joy of living better through sport and recreation.


To build, operate, and maintain an affordable sports and recreation facility that connects a diverse range of people through various developmental fun packed activities that promotes growth and cultivates a strong sense of community, health and sportsmanship.


To be the leading sports and recreational facilities provider in Ghana, providing exceptional sports programs that lead to the improvement of football players skills and ability.


Our business is a collaboration between two good partners: David Amekpor and Christiana Addison.

David Amekpor

Founder & CEO

David is a young entrepreneur with managerial experience in both local and foreign markets. His passion to bring sports and recreation to all has led to the desire to provide a space, in Ghana, where grassroots football, competitive leagues & recreational features could flourish. This has led to the birth of KEERAPA ACTIVE after extensive research into similar facilities across Europe.

Christiana Addison

Co-Founder and Operations Director

Christiana is an Industrial Designer with over 10 years experience in diverse fields, including banking, sales, retail and design industries. She currently serves as a director with a health and nutrition company and is committed to changing lives through healthy diets.