Why You Should Support Ghana’s New Sports Infrastructure Project

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September 5, 2018

Why You Should Support Ghana’s New Sports Infrastructure Project

There’s no point in supporting David Beckham, Diego Maradona or Cristiano Ronaldo when they have already achieved global football stardom. Football players and other athletes need your support and encouragement when they are still aspiring stars, giving all they’ve got to be stellar players, runners, jumpers or acrobats. This is the defining moment at which their individual future, and the future of sports in your country, rely on what is done to foster and support talent so that promising athletes can have a chance of delivering a great performance.

This would seem obvious, but the truth is that it is a very commonly disregarded fact. In Ghana, in particular, our pool of talent in the football world is immense—as immense as our general disregard for the need to support this potential so that our athletes have the sports infrastructure that they need in order to be able to professionally improve their skills.

That is why Keerapa Active is so committed to creating an ultra-modern facility in Sogakope where quality and safe football can be accessible to amateur football schools and groups, to aspiring professional football athletes, to early-stage young local football talents, and to the thousands of guests that are sure to want to troop to the town every weekend to get away from the noise of city life while having a chance to watch great football while supporting Ghana’s football stars of tomorrow.

Things are changing, fortunately, and Keerapa Active is happily only one of the agents of change in Ghana. People know that things do not change by accident—they change by design, with a clear purpose and with a solid execution of the creators of change. The very Ghanaian government is betting strongly in making Ghana one of the most attractive African nations for foreign investors, offering a business-friendly and a tourist-friendly environment.

Entrepreneurship is fortunately on the rise and rising gender equality means that entrepreneurship in Ghana is not mainly a world of men.In fact, according to the Mastercard Index of Women’s Entrepreneurship, 46.4 percent of businesses in Ghana are owned by women, and the trend is clearly defined to keep Ghana leading by example when it comes to African entrepreneurship and the rise of women-owned businesses.

Innovation and country-focused solutions are being supported and even awarded, and Keerapa Active is an example of that: our project has recently been selected to join the Round 3 of the African Entrepreneurship Award, and this is what we’ve heard from the African Award Team: “Yours was rated one of the Businesses Most Likely to Succeed across Africa.”

We couldn’t feel more proud. We are firm believers in the multiplying benefits that Keerapa Active will bring to Ghana’s society and economy—starting in Sogakope and then spreading across the country. We’re doing everything in our power to turn our sports infrastructure project in Ghana into a reality that will hopefully inspire other African nations to do the same.

We know that football stars are not born out of thin air and that hope alone is never a good plan. If we want to see Ghanaian athletes playing and thriving, we need to give them the opportunity to play and thrive. In fact, that’s our motto: “everyone needs to play.”

Do you agree with us? And do you also believe, as we do, that the Beckhams, Maradonas, and Ronaldos of tomorrow need to be supported today? Then we invite you to click here to join our IndieGoGo Pre-Launch. Together, we can create the new sports infrastructure project that Ghana’s athletes need. We hope to see you there!

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